March 2017

I’m an NIH Patient, and I’m Terrified

There have been multiple, excellent professional arguments made for not cutting the budget at the National Institutes of Health. In their own words, the NIH does the following: NIH is the largest public funder of biomedical research in the world, investing… Continue Reading →

Glenn Beck, Health Insurance is NOT Like Auto Insurance

Recently, Glenn Beck posted a transcript from his radio show. The Car Insurance Analogy That Puts Health Insurance Into Perspective is an attempt to make the case that health insurance is not a right; however, there are a number of issues with… Continue Reading →

Effective Armchair Activism

The term “armchair activism” gets a bad wrap.  It’s an ableist term for people who are politically active on social media, but who don’t get out in the streets to protest, where it may be dangerous.  For those of us… Continue Reading →

Please Stop Calling Medicine a “Free Market”

You give yourself away every time. Yes, you, the healthy person in the room, the one who has never had to deal with extensive and protracted illness. Each time you utter the term “free market” in relation to healthcare, those… Continue Reading →

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