#TheResistance is a movement that started right after Trump was elected. It’s a grassroots effort to organize and fight against all of the illegal and unethical actions the administration is attempting in the first few days in power. This movement includes protests, write-in campaigns, calling representatives, and general education of the impact of the decisions of the Trump administration. We realize not everyone is able to participate in all of the marches and protests in person, so we at Chronic Liberals are working to ensure you understand alternative ways to lend your voice to this campaign. Below are the activities we have led so far.

Proud Members of The Resistance.

Go to www.whoismyrepresentative.com to find out the names of your representative and two senators. Keep all of their contact information in a safe place – you will need it!

Go visit Politically Preposterous and see the pinned post. Lys has lots of great pictures of the women’s march.



This is a GREAT resource for calling your representatives regarding the Affordable Care Act. Let them know you want to keep it!



Make sure you are registered to vote, if you did not vote last time or if you have moved! Go to www.rockthevote.com/getinformed/elections/am-i-registered-to-vote/.



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